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Advanced Content

We are constantly working on the next generation of location-based applications.

We develop new advanced content products based on proprietary end-user market research, the feedback we receive at our regular customer meetings and content forums, and our own internal research and development efforts.

Our content vision is to provide value enhancing content which is accurately geo-referenced to the best map data and efficiently delivered so that it enables a richer consumer experience.

We continue to investigate new products to develop the database in several areas, which include:

  • Attributes for effectively navigating vehicles and people
  • Attributes enhancing the functionality of advanced driving systems and other non-navigation map applications
  • Content to improve map display and map explication
  • Location based content such as Points of Interest (POI) and travel guides
  • GIS data sets allowing geo-spatial data display and analysis
  • Dynamic or real time content geo-coded to the map, like traffic data