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DWWC Group Geographic Databases and Local Content

Having a many-years presence in the Geo-informatics business, DWWC Group has developed the most reliable maps' databases for South East Europe. Data is not constrained in the detailed road network (having achieved coverage of around 98%) but is composed of thousands Points of Interest (POIs) with huge variety of describable data, administrative borders, population data, land usage and three dimensional territory models (DTM).

  • Complete road network for South East Europe with all the descriptive information that are needed for navigation software (road names, one-ways, house numbers, etc).
  • Detailed database with Points of Interest (roundabouts, churches, banks, restaurants, etc) discerned in 40 different categories.
  • Population maps in terms of block, postcode, Municipality.
  • All administrative borders (Districts, Counties, Regions, etc).
  • Detailed view of the coastline in scale 1:5,000.
  • Flora, land usage and geographical maps.
  • Height curves, slope, hill shade and aspect maps.
  • Digital territory models (DTM).

Complete digital data for Greece and Cyprus

  • Road network with complete descriptive information
  • Points of Interest
  • Administrative borders of Counties
  • Administrative borders of Regions
  • All inhabited regions contained (punctual and polygonal topologies)
  • Parks and groves within cities
  • Blocks with population data
  • Detailed coastline (scale 1:5,000)
  • Buildings
  • Railways
  • Rivers, lakes (linear and polygonal topology)
  • Forelands, bays, anchorages
  • Height curves
  • Digital territory Model
  • Slope, aspect, hill shade

The descriptive information that accompanies the geographic database of the road network is:

  • Geometry of the road network
  • Road names
  • Buildings' numbering on the roads' left side
  • Buildings' numbering on the roads' right side
  • Administrative categorization of the roads left and right (order9, order8, order1)
  • One-ways
  • Bifurcations, maneuvers
  • Traffic circles and roundabouts
  • Speed limits
  • Roads' categorization (FRC)
  • Road type (FOW)
  • Prohibited vehicles in specific types of roads
  • Bridges, tunnels, coastlines
  • Tolls
  • Limited access territories
  • Number of traffic lanes
  • Direction of traffic lanes
  • Signposts

The descriptive information of the POIs is:

  • Name of POI
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Brand name
  • Address
  • Αdministrative categorization
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • E-mail address
  • Webpage
  • Road network access code