Green Energy Management

Paving the way to a Sustainable Future - Optimizing Green Energy Management

In the modern lifestyle of CitisEco you are enabled to control everything from lighting, alarm system, air conditioning and heating, to photovoltaic systems, all from a switch, tablet or mobile.

More and more businesses see greening their business practices as a good approach to attracting new customers. And retaining existing customers. Taking advantage of green consulting can help enterprises gain greater market share and make their brand even more competitive. On top of that, greening your business in some cases also helps your company earn financial credits for ecological sustainability. With our proven track record, DWWC GROUP’s team of experts can help enterprises identify sources of energy consumption. Based on our inspections of your operations, your company can use our recommendations to reduce GHG emissions and impact on the environment. Our experts can also provide alternatives to current energy consumption models. And, by optimizing manufacturing processes, we can also help you reduce costs in the long term.

DWWC GEM (Green Energy Management) can help you advance your business’s performance through a number of solutions and services, including:

  • Alarm & Safety
  • CCTV Monitoring & Recording
  • Lighting Control & Regulation
  • Heating, Air-Conditioning Systems and Ventilation
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Energy Control
  • Information Technology
  • Central Control System
  • Central Automation & Remote Control Technology
  • Remote Access and Communication Gateways

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