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Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the founding values and guiding principles of DWWC Group has been its contribution to the progress and prosperity of Greek society, on which the company's long-term and sustainable business success depends. Standing by these principles, DWWC Group has developed a corporate culture that reflects the company's desire to function responsibly in all the sectors that contribute to sustainable growth. Participation of businesses in the welfare of the community Business activity has always been propelled by the need to make sufficient profit that it can continue to function within the environment in which it works and grows. In recent years, new conditions generated by the globalized economy have highlighted the need for businesses to participate in social development, and require that corporations pull their weight in helping society to develop and prosper. Socially responsible companies should make firm commitments to issues such as transparency, quality of service, the potential to create, defend human rights, protect the environment and preserve the cultural heritage—all key components of CSR. As both an internal company process and an external function, CSR should permeate the sum of activities of modern-day businesses.

DWWC Group and Corporate Social Responsibility

Having undertaken the role of the “responsible citizen” facings its responsibility to the community in which operates, DWWC Group has consistently demonstrated respect for human values and the welfare of the community. Always in support of entrepreneurship, aiming for the preservation of Greek culture, in support of arts and sciences, protecting and conserving the environment.