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Call Center Services – Customer Support Services

Call Center Complementary Services

DWWC GROUP has designed a set of complementary services to cover the entire cycle of the contact with the consumer (telephone contact, application delivery and return, data verification etc), thus providing an enhanced service to both its customers and the consumers.

These complementary services leverage on DWWC’s core competences including cutting-edge technology, expert human resources, extensive know-how and effective process management.

Back Office

Direct Mail Processing (Personalized mails; brochure and catalogue dispatch)

E-mail Processing

Fax Management

Data entry & cleansing

Courier Management

Other Complementary Services

Outsourced Agents

Outsourced Sales Force

Development & Control Sales Force Teams

Multimedia Contact (SMS, Mails, Email & SMS Handling, Web Contact)

Key characteristics:
  • Inbound and outbound services
  • 24/365 operation
  • Multilingual services
  • Live agent and IVR capabilities
  • Multi channel: phone, web chat, email, post, fax, sms
Key characteristics:
  • Integrated Teams ensuring consistently high quality services across the group
  • Client Relationship Management at local and regional level
  • Strategic Mix of our Call Center Services with our other business activities (technology solutions and business process management)
  • Best-of-breed IT & Telecoms infrastructure CoB plans for all call centers
  • Advanced Monitoring & Reporting Tools
  • KPIs (cost, productivity, service level, quality, agent, call handling)
  • Employee performance metrics, assessment and empowerment procedures
  • Learning organization – benchmarking & best practices
  • Certified operations
Industry Focus

DWWC's Contact Center services are focused on key sectors with strong consumer business. Each sector is treated by a dedicated business unit to achieve maximum specialization, supported by strong functional capabilities that allow fast and effective exchange of knowledge and economies. Through this flexible matrix structure, DWWC maintains a competitive position, successfully serving the particular needs of different industries and companies, regardless of size.

Our People

People are at the heart of our Contact Center services. We are committed to an anthropocentric philosophy; consistently applying world-class selection, training and development policies that will help our people realize their full potential. Especially for our agents, we have designed an ongoing, comprehensive training program that includes communication, emotional intelligence and technical skills development. In addition to this, our teams undergo special training programs for each company, product and service campaign, with the cooperation of our in-house trainers and our customers.

Compliance & Quality

DWWC's Contact Center practices meet the highest international standards of excellence ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & OHSAS 18001, whilst in full compliance with country-specific, European and International regulations pertaining to the broader contact center industry. We closely follow the developments per sector and service level, ensuring that the interests of our customers and of the consumers will not be compromised.


Our IT infrastructure is the bedrock of our operation, enabling us to optimize our service offering uptime, seamless communication, and enhanced data integrity and security. DWWC has achieved industry firsts in designing and implementing applications that manage and support the back office operations. Such infrastructure enables us to share knowledge through the workflows, to have a consistent customer centric method of working, and to acquire and manage more precise information.

Security and Continuity of Business

For our line of business, data security and business continuity are of key importance. We have a collection of ISO-certified, documented, applied and monitored policies, including data security, data destruction, physical security, and data transmission. We employ the stringiest data security mechanisms, including daily backups on tapes and DVD ROM for the entire IT operating environment, physical protection provisions etc. In case of disaster, multiple sites allow us to shift operations easily with no disruption to our business. Each site is fully redundant in terms of communication lines and data, allowing uninterrupted operation for all our customers.


The success levels of DWWC's both inbound and outbound campaigns, are at the top of the market, making us the preferred partner of companies that value each contact as a way to enhance their relationship with their customers.

The success levels of DWWC's both inbound and outbound campaigns, are at the top of the market, making us the preferred partner of companies that value each contact as a way to enhance their relationship with their customers.

DWWC’s contact center services have been benchmarked and awarded by top international organizations, and its practices meet the highest international standards of excellence, whilst in full compliance with country specific, European and International regulations pertaining to the broader contact center industry.

Through DWWC’s contact center services and complementary outsourced services, our customers are able to accomplish their marketing strategy's goals:

  • Enhance business productivity
  • Build customer loyalty and optimize customer relations
  • Personalize your communication
  • Establish your brand name and increase brand and product awareness in new and existing markets
  • Increase sales and sales efficiency
  • Create new business opportunities to broaden your market
  • Increase customer contact without burdening your operational costs
Customer Acquisition & Retention Services

Lead Generation

Dealer Location

Telemarketing / Telesales

Up-selling & Cross-selling

Order Taking

Mail Order Sales

Retention Calls

Customer Care Services

Customer Service / Help Desk

Information Line

Crisis Line

Pre-Reservation / Reservation

Welcome Calls

Activation Calls

Attrition Calls

Mystery Calls

Research Services

Market Research

Communication Surveys

Telephone Interviews

Call Center Support Services


E-mail handling

SMS handling

Web contact

Data entry services

Script Writing

Secretarial Services

Caller Diverting

Database-updating and enrichment

When it comes to outsourcing, leading organizations turn to DWWC Call Center Services.