Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Services

Fire safety means guarantee, awareness or certainty about the lack of risk from fires. However, if we focus on ensuring different mechanism (work and other) areas, transport etc. from accidents, which can cause a fire, it is more correct to speak of fire protection.

Fire alarm system is called a group of devices that are intended to promptly detect a fire outbreak and give the alarm to sound, video and other media.

DWWC GROUP of companies is developed and established dynamically in the field of fire safety services, fire detection, fire extinguishing and integrated facility management.

Integrated Fire Detection Systems, Fire & Fire and Integrated Supply Services Consulting in: Companies, Insurance Companies, local authorities, corporations and common residences in order to protect them from all kinds of fire risks and natural disasters

DWWC offers an array of fire extinguising systems & fire alarm services, including:
  • Complete road network for South East Europe with all the descriptive information that are needed for navigation software (road names, one-ways, house numbers, etc).
  • Detailed database with Points of Interest (roundabouts, churches, banks, restaurants, etc) discerned in 40 different categories.
  • Supply
  • Commission
  • Installation
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fire brigade response
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Fire safety signs
  • Ancillary equipment.

DWWC GROUP of companies also operates a complete site asset register for all sites which includes: location, equipment type and new / test dates. This register is available to all of our customers upon request.

DWWC GROUP of companies does not manufacture its own fire safety products. We use equipment from leading manufacturers, ensuring the most suitable installation for each type of business and usage.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your fire safety equipment is not only paramount to their operation in the event of a fire, but also a mandatory requirement.

A regime of periodic testing and maintenance is essential to meet regulatory requirements, regular tests of the fire safety systems and equipment should be carried out and recorded in your fire safety log-book.

DWWC provides a comprehensive range of services & products for the following:
  • Fire detection & alarm systems service and maintenance contracts
  • Supply, sale & installation of Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency escape lighting systems service and maintenance
  • Portable fire-fighting equipment service and maintenance
  • Fire hose reels service and maintenance
  • Wet and dry rising mains service and maintenance
  • Fire hydrants service and maintenance
  • Fire doors service and maintenance

You can rest assured that we supply high-quality fire extinguishers from Europe’s leading manufacturers, ensuring the most suitable installation for the types of business and usage.